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16 Years & Counting

Over the years I've had the pleasure in collaborating with the following companies and brands :

Sony America
Leap Frog
Wells Fargo
Hard Rock Cafe
Miller Beer
EA Games

Simple Star
ASK Jeeves
Steele Foundation
Grey Group

Ordinary Kids
Mondo Media
Amicci Design
Mojave Interactive
Off Base

  • Manuel is a rare breed of creative genius with strong technical chops to deliver on his vision. Balancing a passion for a beautiful aesthetic and a passion for technology Manuel makes things happen. Always championing simplicity and cool, Manuel is a pleasure to work with.

    • Chad Richards
    • Senior Director Product Marketing
  • Manuel has a rare combination of design skills, engineering skills, and a killer attitude to follow through on projects and get things done. He is a pleasure to work with.

    • Pete Rice
    • Sr Web Engineer, Yelp
  • I’ve collaborated with Manuel on several projects. He’s skilled, diligent and all around good person to work with. I recommend him highly.

    • Phil Simon
    • Executive Creative Director,TreSensa
  • Manuel has that special balance between art and science that is really rare in our field. He is a solid engineer with a great UI design aesthetic......I've always enjoyed working with Manuel - he is a good teammate.

    • Quint King
    • Director of Product Development, Bioproduction Group
  • Manuel is not only a big idea person, he's also the talent that can take that idea and make it reality. Smart as a whip, thoughtful, insight ful, and super driven are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind.

    • Greg Off
    • President & CEO, Off Base Productions
  • As long as I've known Manuel he's always been a self starter and a catalyst for innovation. With his technical prowess, he's quick to assess the best path to move toward achieving the best results.

    • Mike Levin
    • Interactive Creative Director, Jet Pack Design
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Necessary components of an individual Product Designer

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I identify, investigate, and validate the problem, and ultimately craft, design, test and ship the solution.

Commandeering the necessary components needed in todays tech industry, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Motion Design, Research, Data Analysis, Prototyping and Business Strategy, I design platform agnostic solutions, until the problem changes.

Highly reactive, yet flexible, I’m the custodian of the user experience and I understand the business value behind every decision I make.

As an experienced creative-oriented engineer, I produce innovative products with real world applications that are customer-focused, simple and intuitive.

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/ˌɪntrəprəˈnɜː /
1. a person who while remaining within a larger organization uses entrepreneurial skills to develop a new product or line of business as a subsidiary of the organization.

3 1/2

I started freelancing as a Technical Lead for a digital agency by the name of Off Base. The first year, I exclusively worked with the CEO to design and develop a digital game guide solution for the Sony PS3 console. We pitched the product to Sony Computers Entertainment America, whom later invested in further development of the prototype. The following year, the application was delivering an average of 2 game guide manuals a month, modernizing the way that SCEA delivered game guides to consumers. Based off the success of the inital product, SCEA funded a similiar product for thier PS4 System release. The initative was a lot larger than the previous and required more resources.

I scaled the team of 2 to a team of 12, managing the tech group while collaborating with the design, UI/UX teams and product owners. I delivered the first iteration of the product, Docs for PlayStation® 6 months after signing the contract with SCEA. I continued leading and designing the digital guide system into its final delivery. While being employed at Off Base I invisioned multiple successfull products. One honarble mention, is a continued delivery system utilized for PS4 soundtracks and another is a cloud based system that manages and dynamically updates stand alone PS4 applications, created for Playstation Heroes. The team at Off Base was a pleasure to work with, we created and invested in tools that will help the company for years to come.

I'm an intrapreneur hardwired with an entrepreneurial spirit. I work diligently to nurture the skills and passion necessary to shoulder the risks of reimagining existing processes or bringing brand-new ideas to life. I'm seeking opportunities founded on entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial emphasis, allowing me to utilize my skill set in designing innovative solutions. Contact me if this resonates with you.

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So, tell me what you have in mind.